Cours révisions et loisirs


Hey man


Rhyme or reason

Fifty two beers ago


Good girls gone bad

Quater after one

50 ways

Voodoo jive

Recto verso

My dear Juliet

I see me

Moonshine in the trunk

Hit the road jack

Thanks a lot

2ème - 3ème année

Disappearing tail lights

Good riddance


People are crazy

Week end girl

Bullfrog on a log

Modern romance

Down at the station

Celtic kittens

Just a girl

Good luck to girl

We are tonight

Hey man

Making me crazy (Pat Cassagneau)

Beer for my horses


The harvester

20 years ago


Cheek to cheek

All the right places

Pavement ends

Big Blue tree

Goodbye California

Lay low

You never known

Doctor doctor

Golden wedding ring

The shoebox

4ème année et +

Turn around


Deer blind

All the right places

Greater than me

Down on the station

And get it on

Mona Lisa

We only live once

One more chance

No vacancy

We are tonight

Somewhere in my car

Pavement ends

Make it hurt

Sweet dummy


Bring down the house

Twist and turns

Countrified soul

Lips so close

A womant's rant

Goodbye california

Second hand heart


Making me crazy (Juliet Lam)

Come on down

It takes balls to be a woman

3 day road

The shoebox